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Discover where you can go next with a .com domain name

Why Choose A .com?

You’ve got the skills and the drive to bring your ideas to life.

Now it’s time to show everyone you are ready for business with a .com domain name.


A .com domain name is understood by everyone, everywhere. Whether you are using a .com web address for your social media presence, blog, website or for your custom email, a .com domain name can help your business go further.


Trusted by global companies, savvy start-ups and local merchants, a .com domain name can help businesses of all sizes connect with customers and partners.


.com is recognised by businesses and consumers worldwide. When you register a .com domain name, you’re choosing a path that countless like-minded businesses have used to start and grow their online presence.

How To Use a .com Domain Name

Web Address for Your Social Media or E-Commerce Page

Enable customers to easily find your social media page or e-commerce shop by using a memorable .com domain name to direct visitors to your existing social or e-commerce accounts – no need to create a website.

How to Forward a Domain Name Four Easy Ways to Use .com

Custom Email Address

Help boost your credibility by creating a custom .com email address for your business.1 A custom email address can help you appear more credible to both new and prospective customers while promoting your business in all your communications.

How to Create a Business Email Address Benefits of a Custom Business Email Address

Website With a .com Domain Name

Make a home for your business online – build a website with a .com domain name. Not only do you benefit from the trust and recognition of a .com domain name, you’re providing your customers with an easy way to find, access and interact with your business.

Checklist: Building a Website
1 Websites, Branded Email Remain Key to SMB Internet Services. Custom Verisign® survey conducted by 451 Research (July 2020).

Start Your .com Domain Name Search

Finding domain name suggestions is easy with NameStudio®. Use our domain name generator.

How to Choose a .com Domain Name

Get Creative

Think beyond your business name by using a tagline for your company or combining common words together.

Embrace Descriptive

Consider descriptive words or adjectives that help convey what makes your idea, project or business unique. For example, “” instantly says more about your business than just “”

Explore Location

Try catering to online shoppers looking for local businesses by adding your location, like “”